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Turn heads in your home or office with exceptional tribal artwork.

Hand-carved, unique, stylish, and bold-our authentic rare African wood carvings and sculptures bring earthy tones and a primal sense of belonging to your space.

Own Rare Pieces Of African Art

Explore African sculpture and masks featuring carved wood, sensual lines, and a deep connection to the human spirit. Affricana African artwork is carefully curated and sourced from a trusted network of artisans and traders to ensure only the highest quality, rare items are available for your new private collection.

Receive a complimentary seven-day luxury resort stay with every purchase.


Crafted from exotic African hardwood and shaped into sublime, spiritual, and culturally significant pieces of art, our African sculptures, masks, and artifacts are design statements that will mesmerize guests and elevate your home and style.

Lauded by artists Picasso and Basquiat, style icons like Peggy Guggenheim, Helena Rubinstein, Myron Kunin and world leaders including Nelson A. Rockefeller, African tribal art adds an evocative, rare, and intensely captivating element to your home or office.


When you buy a rare piece of cultural history through Affricana, we offer you a complimentary, seven-day luxury resort stay. Once you complete your purchase, we'll email you a voucher which can be redeemed against a stay of your choice at one of 3,500 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. Terms, taxes and fees apply - see redemption website for details.

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Exquisite Affricana African art is elevating the homes of discerning customers across the USA. Here's what they have to say about the pleasure, beauty, and emotionality of owning these hard-to-find, unique items.

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I was a little fearful at first I'm a single woman and had never made a major purchase of an African Artifact. The Chokwe mask is a beautiful addition to my office. I get so many compliments. Thank You! 

Valued Client

I'm from California and recently moved here. African Art is one of my passions since I moved here finding it has been difficult to say the least. I stumbled across your website and have been elated every since I found your site. I recently purchased my first statue from you and couldn't be happier. 

Valued Client

Since I first went to Africa on a mission trip. I became fond of the sculptured carvings. Buying the Punu Mask from you was a real thrill. It hangs in the family room with my mask collection. I truly appreciate your patience.

Valued Client

We met at your Gallery Exhibition in when you had your Collection on display during First Friday. I appreciated how you answered all my questions and shared information. I purchased a mask based on your recommendation. To my surprise the mask fits really well with my contemporary furnishings. Thank you for your valuable insight. 

"In age, variety, and beauty African Art is second to none. Africa had traditions of abstract art, performance art, installation art, and conceptual art centuries before the west dreamed up the names."

---Holland Cotter, The New York Times

Valued Client

African Art Expert

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"Our Clients Come Before Us"


For over 15 years, Affricana African art experts have cultivated relationships with galleries, craftspeople, collectors, museums, and traders to bring you unique art and the most exquisite, emotive, and rare African artifacts.

We understand the power, spiritual connectivity, and evocative pull of authentic African tribal artwork. Our pieces are sourced from the most trusted suppliers, with intimate knowledge of the tribal cultures from which each sculpture or mask originates.


Each African art piece comes with free shipping. Place your order before 2 PM Central Time, and your order will ship the same day with our trusted, secure courier.


Our boutique online African art gallery is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving art enthusiasts and collectors of unusual, evocative artefacts USA-wide.

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